A full-service law firm in Kuopio

Asianajotoimisto Karvinen, Sarkkinen & Sallinen Ky is a well-respected and reliable law firm. Our offices are situated at a central location in the centre of Kuopio.

We offer expert legal services to businesses, organisations and private individuals. Our services diversely cover various areas of legal activity, litigation, negotiation, mediation, business law solutions and legal services for private individuals. We handle mandates in Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian and German.

Successful handling of legal affairs since 1976

Suomen AsianajajaliittoOur law firm was founded in 1976. We have six strong experts at our service: three attorneys-at-law, one lawyer and two secretaries. Our attorneys are members of the Finnish Bar Association and follow the rules of proper professional conduct.

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Asianajotoimisto Karvinen, Sarkkinen & Sallinen Ky